Friday, October 4, 2013

Delphi Jedi Sponsors... useless sponsors?

Foreign correspondent from UK

Your correspondent was looking at the Delphi-Jedi sponsors and how stupidly and blindly Delphi Jedi has become.

The first sponsor, HREF seems to be more interested to serve advertisements and infringe on other people's privacy by archiving their posts on Has anyone a link to remove all their posts on CodeNewFast or they are not interested at allowing people to remove their own posts? Thus, when Rudy (TeamB), Chad the Interpol fugitive or trolls insults you, the insult is stored on CodeNewsFast forever, so that trolls can tell about using the newsgroup search archives to find you blackened name.

When you talk about steps companies make it very difficult to remove their accounts and private information, Delphi companies are at the very bottom, worst than Amazon or eBay. You have companies such as DevExpress archiving more than a decade of private information, LMD and TMS unable to remove your posts from their private newsgroups, insistence of Embarcadero to use real names on the newsgroups yet unable to provide shield customers from troll-attacks and reselling of your private data. Private data leaks are not reported and hushed-up.

In other source-code communities, vendors sponsor open-source development where they fund GPL C# development. In Delphi community, they expect you to pay for all your tools. Thus, several open-source developers found it hard-going to continue open-source development at their expense.

Atlassian provides free tools to open-source developer communities; Delphi vendors only provide free tools only on certain conditions, like making your website an advertisement ground for their product or straight denial.

The most stingy Embarcadero forces open-source people to pay for their Delphi products, thus, as Delphi developers cannot support themselves let alone have spare time to contribute to open-source development, their projects eventually flounder.

GExperts has gone dead since few years ago, Jason's Intraweb components have gone open-source and no development since few years ago, a certain open-source libraries were integrated into Delphi - Embarcadero made millions, the vendor was given lip-service and asked to buy a copy of Delphi instead.

Delphi-Jedi has been lacking a chair-person to do development. According to Embarcadero, there are many new faces when they have their world-wide conferences, double-digit growth, yet nobody can update JEDI to Delphi-XE5 and the morass of bugs and issues JediVCL faces.

Jedi is increasing becoming an expensive hobby. Do you have enough money to keep continuing open-source Delphi Android or Delphi iOS open-source development? Those sponsoring Delphi-Jedi are more interesting in infringing the privacy of Delphi developers and promoting their own products and services.

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