Montag, 20. Juli 2015

DHB is dead... long live DHB!

DHB blog is dead.

Your reviewer moved on, and, it was fun while it lasted.

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  1. good things are gone while delphi still exists.

  2. Shit! Delphi makes dead even itys own cemetery!

  3. Neighbor. Have fun. Once you reached the sunset rest assured we will be there.

    Maybe interesting maybe not. Ray Konopka's components (Codesite and Components) have been acquired by EMB and now those components are available at the store. The initial purchase price Raize components is also the price for the yearly maintenance. 825 EUR (including VAT) for Raize components ... initial purchase.

    It was fun while it lasted... indeed.

  4. It's worse than that regarding Raize. A while ago Embarcadero snuck a change into the Delphi license saying that you not only couldn't use Delphi to build a Delphi-like product (which is normal for licenses), but you couldn't use it to build anything that competes with any Embarcadero product! What this means with the acquisition of Codesite is that every other logging product written with Delphi will be in violation of the license! I guess Unidac is already in violation; Mormot framework may or may not be depending on if it's seen as a competitor to dbExpress.

    1. @alcalde Interesting. I really do appreciate Ray's work and I think many of us will do either. From that point of view simply putting his stuff into a store does make sense if on the other hand what was called Raize components stays well maintained but will be extended. Economy is about providing goods ... in a first place. Once the occasion does arise or a certain need for a different way to provide a specific good does show up action has to be taken. I was just wondering about the initial price.

      The story of the trend towards software assurance by the whole industry, an understandable move but .... we will see, is another one.

      Apart from that. Using or providing products that existed before cannot become illiegal. I doubt that this clause is valid in general and in the case of Devart especially. Wishful thinking is nice. Not everything anyone writes into a contract is valid.

      Think of the Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) or Toad. The first started as a clone and the Toad came into troubles when the SQL Detective showed up. The existing customer base has not been hurt ...

      You simply cannot compete an existing tool so simple since most of the tools provide scripting (automation) and special function. TOAD scripts and the database quick check - a special health check when the database is slowing down and no one really know why. Then you need to check in a way according to probabilities retrieved from real world situations and must try to avoid touching those areas that could hurt in a way so that things start to hurt...

      Having a choice does put the customer in a more comfortable position.

  5. Delphi 10 win64 compiler is Random-based

    New feat!

  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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